Donated funds will be deployed as follows based on the majority recommendation of the Key Partners – the City of Akron, the County of Summit, Akron Public Schools, the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, Summit County Public Health, Summit County Job and Family Services and United Way of Summit County:

  • Donations toward “Food (food and distribution)” will be distributed to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank
  • Donations toward “Shelter Assistance (Rent & Utility Assistance)” will be prioritized to those clients who are being case managed through United Way’s Housing Services and referrals through 211 in consultation with the City of Akron and County of Summit. Funds will be distributed to clients with additional needs for rent or utility assistance related to COVID-19. United Way of Summit County has agreed to waive client portions of rent payment and pay 100 percent of rental costs for existing Housing Services clients through April 2020.
  • Donations to "Child & Support Assistance" will be deployed at the direction of the Key Partners in response to the rapidly evolving situation regarding state and federal support during the pandemic.
  • Donations toward “Health Care Assistance” will be distributed equally among the three health systems in Summit County (Summa Health, Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Akron Children’s Hospital) for purposes that are directly tied to the pandemic. Payment of charity care medical expenses incurred by indigent individuals with the virus will be the primary use of funds.
  • Donations toward “Greatest Need” will be deployed in conjunction with all Key Partners to address the most critical community needs related to the pandemic.


Electronic payments are preferred but checks made out to “United Way of Summit Co. COVID 19 Fund” can be accepted at the following address:

United Way of Summit Co. COVID 19 Fund

PO Box 639930

Cincinnati, OH 45263-9930

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